The first thing I saw yesterday morning when I lifted the shade was a magnificent turkey, feathers puffed out in full regalia standing in the middle of my driveway, with a female laying down before him trying to catch his attention. They played out the mating dance as they moved out of my sight. Sightings like this are able to stir feelings of wonder and awe in humans because they summon up buried knowledge of our interconnectedness and the conciousness behind all living things.
To me Turkey represents harvest and blessings, and I believe he has shown up in my life to remind me to appreciate mine. We all lapse in that area occasionally. I live in a jobsite; a house under construction on the fifteen year plan. My husband Mark has taken work away right now and the mating dance reminds me that spiritually we are still together and committed to working toward our common goals. With Mark away I have been working hard as the new head landscaper, staying outside till dark in the evenings mowing, seeding and hauling gravel removed by winter plowing back onto the driveway. Turkey reminds me to stay focused on our long range plan.