A few months ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and that prompted me to examine the state of my own colon. I added pysllium husk into my diet as a fiber supplement, which I know from past experience has a beneficial effect on various functions of the digestive system. After a few days on the psyllium, I drove up my long gravel covered driveway and stopped short about 75 feet from the garage door because there were moving creatures pecking around that area. There were 25 or 30 plump pigeon sized gray birds and they were industriously rooting around in the gravel. I was able to take a couple of phone pictures of them before they noticed me and flew away. I showed the bird pictures to a some bird knowledgeable friends and they said that they were doves. Doves eat small stones as a digestive aid which helps break crush up the seeds they consume. I have not seen them on my property before or since, but this sighting I understood to be a message of validation that I was on the right track with the psyllium. When an unusual animal crosses my path I always look at that creatures habits to see why they may have been showing themselves to me. The natural world is a vast web in which we are all connected and I believe that our spirit guides use animals to communicate with us through the greater intelligence that oversees these creatures. By paying attention to them we can create a new kind of awareness.
My husband also had an interesting experience along these lines. He is the designer and builder of our current home and the construction is a long, laborious process when building it yourself. He went through a period when he was just so frustrated with how much work there is to do and how long it takes, all while maintaining a job outside the home to support the family. One afternoon while working on the outside of the house he was confronted by a huge turtle. He said it was as big as a toilet seat. He’d never seen one that large before. They regarded each other briefly and the turtle walked on. I asked my husband what creature could possibly be more fitting to pay him a visit? The turtle also builds his own house that he carries on his back, but the turtle takes his time, slow and steady as he goes, calmly putting one foot in front of the other. He is not plagued by deadlines and frantic thoughts of all that needs to be accomplished that day, because he knows that we will never run out of time. The turtle reminds us to relax our minds and not to let life get so hectic.

There is a very good book on this topic titled Amimal Speak by Ted Andrews.