This is another meditation that helped me very much during my body breakdown. I wanted to ask a couple of our animal friends for their thoughts and advice on how to accomplish my healing. Animals don’t have the muddled confused thoughts that we humans are subject to. They live by natural laws and instinctively do what is best for them. They are never confused about which diet is best or which lifestyle or type of exercise. In my mind’s eye I was walking in an expansive green meadow as far as the eye could see on a sunny summer day with wildflowers, butterflies and a gentle breeze. I strolled enjoying the surroundings waiting for a creature to show itself. In the far distance I see a cow and start to walk toward her. She is standing placidly chewing her cud. I greet her and ask her for a message. She replies: “Cultivate patience and calm acceptance; be the buddha of do-nothing. Eat the best possible food for your species and have the best possible physical conditions.” I think the cow was suggesting to me that challenging situations will always be a part of life and to try to control them is futile and will only result in tightness of the mind and body, and frustration. The cow’s wisdom suggests to me that it is healthier to first accept the situation, then work on a solution for it, learn to live with it, or walk away from it.
After thanking and leaving the cow I spot a horse prancing in the fields, looking noble and free. It approaches and I ask for a message. Horse says to be happy and express happiness. True, I have not been happy lately. I’ve felt justified in my sadness. The horse reminded me that a sad mental state does not promote healing. But how is one to get happy? Just drop that sadness like a hot rock. Horse inspired me to ride in this new direction with the help of some very funny movie DVDs.
As I am leaving the horse a small dog approaches, a friendly black spaniel. His message is to cultivate your friends and family relationships, to appreciate them and to concentrate on bringing happiness to them. Man’s best friend knows a lot about pleasing others and I found that taking the focus off myself and putting more on the others around me does help to reduce the pain, or at least reduces your awareness of it.
I have an impulse to look down at my foot and notice an earthworm crawling there. I wonder what such a small creature so unlike myself can tell me, but worm tells me that although it is a very small creature it is nevertheless a crucial part of the vast landscape and no less important than any other. Worm says that my illness is part of the ebb and flow of the whole, a necessary cycle, for all of life is composed of cycles. Worm knows all of life is perfect and reminds me that an illness is a teacher and learning to navigate through one and come out whole on the other end is a wonderful lesson and that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be.